Door of Dimensions Book

The Door of Dimensions Book, the most vital book in Elemental School is, now in stock to help you and your kids fly into the world of creativity and imagination.

Elemental School – the Door of Dimensions – a book by Qedem J Nesher is for those who want to learn to make the earth and what should they learn in School. It is for those, who come with the ideas, what if you have to be one of the members who make this whole universe. You must study at elemental school in this story and learn one elemental skill.

Elemental School is a story prior to our earth was created, even the whole universe. This is the main reason, it is called as other world and Elemental School is also in the place, we have never experienced.

It is the book to help you learn how to involve in this school from reading this. You can also realize that this other world is very closely connected with our world.

The door of Dimensions is the book to learn one elemental skill. It helps you learn your elemental skills and leave on a journey for the place to start that creation. You will see different and even many funny things happen and you will encounter difficult situations. You will go through interesting stories to teach very adorable students about Fiery, watery, lightly, earthy, and widely.

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